Film Festival Brings 300+, Carradine Hold-Up

No. 1 gave a show-stopping performance

No. 1 gave a show-stopping performance

Engine No. 1, the “Caroline,” went to Hollywood this weekend as the Pacific Coast Railroad hosted the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival for a second consecutive year.  Roughly 300 turned out to the event, enjoying train rides and various other activities.

The chuck wagon

The chuck wagon

As part of the show, a train robbery was staged by Old West bandits on horseback.

These, however, were no ordinary band of desperados; their leaders was none other than Western film star David Carradine, most recently of Kill Bill fame and host of the History Channel series Wild West Tech. The theme for today’s event was honoring Hollywood’s cowboy stunt men.  There was also an authentic Chuck wagon all decked out and on display.

Desperado David Carradine ready to rob Rob's train

Desperado David Carradine ready to rob Rob's train

The evening also included a screening of the 1938 movie “Stagecoach” complete with an introduction by Carradine, whose father starred in the film.  Carradine’s brother and fellow actor Bobby was also present.  The brothers Carradine are no strangers to railroad scenes, with David, Keith and Robert having filmed The Long Riders on the Sierra Railroad in 1980.

The day found Jim McEntire hogging, with Phil Reader firing and Patti, Dennis, Aron Kahn, Rob, Mike and Harry on the train.  It was a beautiful day for railroading and lots of fun for all.


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One Response to “Film Festival Brings 300+, Carradine Hold-Up”

  1. Really was a great night!!!! But it was brothr Bobby, not Keith that joined in on the fun.

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