The Frankenporter and Friday the 13th

Patti and Dennis

Couples Conductoring: Dennis and Patti

lettered-porterWe had an a run day this evening for Ancient Peaks Winery Wine Club. This event was thrown together with only 24-hour notice. I even tempted fate today by firing up the Frankenporter on Friday the 13th. It actually ran and fired quite well. This was also the public debut for the Porter’s new tender lettering. The crew consisted of Ted Van Klaveren and Bill Rust as trainmen, Patti LaRose and Dennis Thurman as co-conductors, Jim McEntire behind the throttle and myself firing.  I even made a big pot of stew on the wood stove for everyone.

Engineer Jim McEntire

Engineer Jim McEntire


Stew on the stove (and Oil Can's recycled Ikea college furniture in background)

It was very good on a chilly evening, but here is a picture of it steaming in the black pot. Many thanks to the volunteer crew for helping on short notice!



~ by pcrailroad on February 13, 2009.

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