Iron *Horse* Chef!

The Pacific Coast Railroad has been a big fan of backhead cuisine.  Sure, we can’t grill on a coal scoop, but we’ve got a warming tray, the sizzling ledge on our damper-equipped firedoors (and you coal boys thought we oil burners were good-for-nothin’s!) and, of course, the ingenuity of our master of the Cab Culinary Arts, Jeff “Grumps” Badger.  Those of you who visit this blog regularly are no stranger to Jeff and his pension for piling up the potatoes, Boca products (he’s a vegetarian) and whatever else he can scrounge up on the back of the FrankenPorter.

During our Christmas runs last year, Jeff and I decided at whim to make a little documentary of some of the P.C.R.R’s oiliest, greasiest railroader rations — often resulting when we don’t get Bonnie Marie’s gourmet leftovers from whatever event is being held in the Asistencia or to give the Commissary Committee a break, and it sat around for the better part of a year on my Mini DV camcorder.  We started while hostling, and continued throughout the day on the runs he or I sat out from our seatboxes, cooking up a hearty backhead breakfast, lunch, and chocolate chip cookies (of which Jeff had some wittily thought out name for.  I’ll have to get back to you on what that was).  At long last, however, this broke college student/newspaper editor has finally managed to scrounge the dough to roll into the needed technological resources to edit video off his camera.  First on the list, of course, was Iron Horse Chef.

The finished product is far from done, but until then, enjoy this teaser!



~ by pcrailroad on December 20, 2008.

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