No. 1 Update

As of this afternoon I finally finished the work on the front end. It was a mess when I started. The petticoat was about ready to fall off and it was ripped and full of holes and cracks I had to remove it and pent a day patching it back together before it got reinstalled.

<= front end after. front end before (below)

I then turned my attention the blower system. This was also a mess and very having only a 1/2″ pipe pointed up the petticoat. For a better draft I built and installed a blower ring.
This new system was tested on air this afternoon and already has made a big difference and should be really better on steam.

Last week I also buttoned up the steam dome with the new throttle inside and ran a hydro test to 200psi. I hope to run a steam test this week. During all this I also worked in the cab on the Johnson, sight glass light, throttle guide and re-labeled the the Fireman’s manifold.

Still more work to do and get it cleaned and polished for visitors from the upcoming Bittercreek Western Narrow Gauge meet.



~ by pcrailroad on August 7, 2008.

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