P.C.R.R. Lends a “Helping Hand”

This weekend it was our honor to be a part of the second annual Jack’s Helping Hand charity BBQ and fundraiser. Unfortunately, because of the extreme fire hazard this year at the ranch, we did not have the option of running a steam locomotive for this event, so we ran the Plymouth #594 with two Disney coaches instead. The crew for the day included Dennis Thurman, Karl Hovanitz, Harry Harlow, Patty LaRose, Brad LaRose, Karell Reader, Bill Russ, Mike Orcutt-Clenard and Jim McEntire.

For lunch Karell made her famous “Hobo Beans” in a dutch oven that were very good. Later, we were treated to a delicious tri-tip BBQ dinner

The Jack’s Helping Hand fundraiser was a success, raising over $90,000 from the live auction. For more information on Jack’s Helping Hand, visit: http://www.jackshelpinghand.org

Work continues on the the #1. The sand dome conversion job is going well and Phil is still waiting on the delivery of the new throttle valve. With any luck it should arrive this week.

We also passed the annual state boiler inspection with flying colors on Engines #1 and # 3.



~ by pcrailroad on July 21, 2008.

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