Round-Up Montage ’08: Part 1

Double-headed freight charging the grade (Russ Sperry photo)
Coach #105 returning fully restored from Hillcrest.
The final touches were just barely dry, and it’s beautiful!
In Reedley, mere days before the event
Jarret, Karl, Bill and Dennis making a speeder run
Another on from El Loco Senor Russo (Russ Sperry Photo,
for those of you who don’t habla espanol…)
In railroading tradition, the No. 1 carried this funeral wreath in memory of Judy McEntire, wife of Chief Operating Officer Jim McEntire and a good friend of the PCRR crew. Judy passed away the week of the round-up and the event was dedicated in her memory. (Perhaps her watching over everyone was what kept the weekend running so smoothly).

The Iron Horse Chef is at it again! Quiche was the hit this year, and once again, he’s managed to abscond with the misses’ baking pan…

Who needs a clean paper plate when you’ve got a perfectly grimy firing quadrant?!

Grumps modifying the cylinder cock lever with an 8-ball? Signs point to yes…


~ by pcrailroad on May 6, 2008.

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