2008 Spring Training

The 2008 Railroad Round-up is fast approaching and scheduled for May 10 and 11, which means that the annual PCRR crew training is being planned for all day Friday, May 9th.

There are a few minor and some procedural changes to the book that we would like to share with you during the training session.  Please bring leather work gloves, safety glasses and/or any other safety items you may need.

You can review your new Rulebook before the training sessions begin by requesting it here.

One of the many aspects that our railroad prides itself on is this rulebook. Developed by W.T. “Buda” Farquhar after the successful Georgetown Loop Inc. Since the initial book 4 years ago, we have gleaned additional information from several other steam operated shortlines and put together this well layed out design that fits in your back pocket. A lot of work goes into making these books.

Here is a picture of the messiest office in the west during production.
This year the contents were transfered over to MS Word to make it more accessible to everyone communicating with email. After a week of corrections, additions,
deletions, and 4 black printer cartridges, the book is ready to be assembled.

With collating completed all that’s left to do is folding, stitching and trimming. The cover color this year is S.P. Safety Orange.

The rulebook has come along way from just sheets of paper to a very professional looking and personalized official document.



~ by pcrailroad on April 6, 2008.

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