CMO On The Go — Part 4

After wrapping up as much as possible at the house in Idaho Springs, including changing the locks, the Readers headed south again for some sightseeing on the way home. The first stop of interest was Trinidad at the Colorado/New Mexico border. Trinidad is a little Victorian jewel of a city and has a Burlington Northern steam locomotive on display in their park with some other interesting old equipment. The engine is well preserved and presented. It is evident that Trinidad values their history and they can be very proud of their efforts.

Crossing the border late in the evening, Phil thought he remembered a short cut south.
Karell looked at the map and the only short cut looked like Highway 64 through Cimmaron, which is the jumping off point for Philmont National Boy Scout Reservation. It looked pretty direct and should get them to Albuquerque before it got really late. WRONG!! Highway 64 is not anything like the depiction on the map, It winds and climbs to 15K feet and passes through Angel Fire, a ski resort. It was 32 degrees, snowy and the roads were steep and icy. The Readers were very grateful that Karell had just bought new tires for the trip and that they had 4-wheel drive as they climbed up and down the icy passes, passing six or more cars that had slid off the road into snow banks and down steep cliffs. It was pretty, but far too dangerous to be fun. The mountain pueblo of Taos was a welcome sight and the sweet fragrance of sage filled the crisp mountain air.

Phil and Karell tried to push on toward Albuquerque, but wearily gave in and found a motel in one of the many Indian reservation’s casino towns.

Up the next morning and into Albuquerque for a little break from the road, The New Mexico Natural History Museum is right downtown in a re-development area with lots of upscale shopping and a short drive to the old plaza market. It was at the Natural History Museum the Readers met their new dinosaur friend, Spike. The museum is very well done with lots of great displays like Stan the T-Rex, interactives, a planetarium and theater. The feature display was on the cowboys of the world and their horses.
It is well worth the time.

Pushing on again, the Readers stopped in Flagstaff, Arizona for the night, Flagstaff was covered in snow with freezing cold wind, but it was a safe harbor for the night.



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