CMO On The Go — Part 3

We visited the Colorado Railroad Museum on Friday and spent the morning exploring the museum grounds. It was fun to see all the improvements, but it was hard to see the Georgetown Loop equipment deteriorating. All of the Loop equipment is worst for the wear. The paint is peeling or faded. All the locomotives are in need of repair work. It was, however, good to see these “old friends.” Hopefully, some day I can help find a new home for this equipment for the enjoyment for all.

The #346 looks really good. There are some minor issues to work through, but overall they have done a fine job of restoring it back to service.

The rotary plow and the UP 0-6-0 have been moved into the museum grounds from their old home across the street and the ditch from the spur off of the BNSF/Coors line. From the description this was quite an adventure with temporary track and a lot of come-alongs. Very ingenious. It was nice to see them with the rest of the collection.

Karell spent a few hours tracing D.&R.G.W. stencils for Karl’s box car.

We met with Gus and Lou, volunteers, and Donald Tallman, the new Executive Director. Unfortunately, Andy Daum no longer works for the museum, but he has accepted a job working for Bernie Watts in his shop nearby.

All the volunteers are really excited about the restoration of the RGS #20 and are looking forward to its return.



~ by pcrailroad on February 28, 2008.

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