Eine Kleine Nachtdampf

A little night steam and and a little partying — what a way to start the week!

For the past several days, Jim and Phil worked painstakingly to decorate Porter #3 and train for the Rossi Enterprises Christmas party, which was scheduled to take place on the evening of Tuesday the 18th. Unfortunately, the big event was scrubbed on account of it raining cats and dogs (not pugs) clear across the Central Coast.

On Friday, though, we warmed it up and decided to do some switching. Meanwhile, commissary dept. MCs Karell and Patti were hard at work planning a bittersweet surprise party — both for the holidays and a going away for Ed, who will be leaving us to attend school back east. Ed, who was called away from his BBQ project to take to his firing post, was distracted keeping #3 hot while the tables/chairs, cake, and lasagna which had been cooking at Kathy’s house were smuggled into the tractor shop. Soon enough, the usual suspects turned up, including Jeff and Debbie (yes, she exists!) Badger. Needless to say, “Oil Can” was quite surprised, and as usual, happy to be fed. (He even ate the cake!) After the feast, we digested over the lighthearted humiliation of un-stuffing our personalized “roast stockings,” hand picked by our two not-so-Secret Santas. Then it was back to ol’ “Thumper” for some night “test runs” along the loop, with Ed and Phil taking the first run followed by Jarret and Jeff. It was a sight (and sound) to be seen, with a red glow out the stack and Jim’s SP 6-chime echoing eerily in the brisk Margarita night. As Phil said, “With a little imagination, you’re back on the commute…c.1955.

Then it was back to the nice, toasty tractor shop to chow down a scrumptious custard-filled cake emblazoned with what appeared to be the likeness of our very own FrankenPorter! (Ed: “No way! Is that one of those photo transfer cakes?!)

A spatula for the Iron Horse Chef! (Despite what it looks like, no spousal abuse is being committed in this photo)

Aww, mannn! Bubblegum and duct tape?!

Cookie Monster and Cookie Cutters for a Cookie Conductor!

The only Shay to keep Phil busy for the moment…


~ by pcrailroad on December 18, 2007.

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