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On Friday, Phil and Karell headed over to Reedley to deliver the missing door for Coach 105. At some point during its 2+ decades spent sitting in the Disneyland backlot, a cast member allegedly absconded with one of the originals as a souvenir, so a new one had to be manufactured. The woodshop in Watsonville did a fine job at replicating it and even the most discriminating purists shouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

Below are some progress pictures from Hillcrest:

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (quite literally!), preparations have been underway for the upcoming “Journey to Christmas Past” event taking place this weekend. Trains will be running continuously from 10AM-4PM, with one three-car section. Jeff Badger will be coming down this week to assist Phil in hopefully getting the Harpur back in service for at least one of the two days. Phil has put some serious elbow grease into cleaning the old girl up. Porter #3 got a boiler wash and good tube punch/firebox/front end cleaning and, short of putting the plugs back in and filling ‘er up, is ready to go as first out.

“See you in 2008!” -Roger (out of service)
Could it be? A rare, sneaked photograph of the illustrious “Masked Firebox Bandito of Santa Margarita!” (who thought the photog was snapping the pugs) Previous offenses include reckless backhead cooking, resulting in destruction of oil can/tallow pot, and consuming excessive amounts of tri-tip at crew BBQs…

Luxurious cowboy transport (It’s a Moo-cedes!)



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