A Phantom-Tastic Party!

On Tuesday evening, our trusty commissary crew (euphemistic shorthand for the Pacific Coast Railroad Supportive Wives/Significant Others Club) treated us all to a ghoulishly fun Halloween bash. While Phil and Dennis accomplished a switching move, and I worked on a welding project, Karell (in spite of feeling under the weather) was fervently cleaning up and decorating the musty granary/corrugated crew lair, garnishing it with orange lights, a “Daylight-colored” spider, and the cliche printed party plates. Oh, and of course the “Vulcan Vampire” dropped off by Rob.

In P.C.R.R. tradition, the evening included a scrumptious BBQ feast prepared on the Phil Reader “Cowboy Hibachi.” The entree was Phil’s slow-marinated teriyaki marinated tri-tip, served with Karell’s homemade pumpkin bisque soup. Other offerings included fried chicken supplied by Patti and Italian romaine and raddichio blend by Fresh Express (hey, we can’t have everything gourmet!) Of course, no crew feast is complete without one of Mary’s incredible dessert offerings, and this time we were treated to “black and white cupcakes;” a hollow chocolate cupcake with a chocolate chip cheesecake filling.

But wait! Before being fed, we all had to complete Karell’s stragetically-planned scavenger hunt. The heated competition, accomplished by four assigned teams, (the “Young Guns,” the “Old Heads,” “the Harlows,” and “Patti and Dennis”), involved in an intense 45 minutes violating locomotives, plush spiders, and in search of the next clue — the final being “go get dinner.” So for those of you at home jealous of our eatin’s, remember…we have to work for our grub! The results; first place – P. LaRose, Thurman, second place – Reader, Hovanitz (“The Old Heads”), third place (tied) – J. LaRose – Kelley (the “Young Guns”), Harlow-Harlow.

After stuffing our faces silly, we then proceeded to carve obscene pumpkins with power tools and take a night ride with the Plymouth and caboose 303.

Taking a playful pastime hardcore…

Dennis Thurman, M.D. — Specialist in
Pumpkin Lobotomy and Rhinoplasty

Patti, Harry, Mary on Ed and the tail of the “creepy caboose hop.”


~ by pcrailroad on November 3, 2007.

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