Meet the “Gandy Dancers!”

Sharp & Fellows is perhaps the oldest and most experienced railroad contractor in the United States. Founded in 1877, the company has built or rebuilt countless industrial spurs, Class 1 mainlines, and just about everything in between. During its heyday, the company even owned its own steam locomotive — a 2-6-2 numbered 7 — which survives today at Los Angeles’ Travel Town Museum.

In 2002/3, Rob Rossi, who had been storing his recently-purchased equipment in the Asistencia, contracted with Sharp & Fellows to construct our initial two-mile railroad. So in essence, the guys working on it now are the guys that built it. And it is a pleasure to once again have them workin’ on our railroad!

♫ “[They’ve] been working on the rail-road…”
Tamper and ballast car

The hard-working crew: (left to right) Jose Torres, Manuel Suarez, Gabriel Pineda (foreman), Adalberto Gutierrez, and Leon Rodarte.

Looking good!

Link: Sharp & Fellows, Inc.


~ by pcrailroad on October 26, 2007.

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