A Busy Week

Meet our newest mascot, Saydee!

It’s been a busy and productive week on the Pacific Coast Railroad!

“Thumper” is far from the A-list, but this week she finally got her brake. [laugh at lame pun here] On Thursday, Phil pinned the pillow blocks back up and put the newly-keyed cross shaft in place. Then on Friday, we tightened everything up and dragged ‘er around with the Plymouth to test out the finished product. Great success! Even with the tender brakes cut out, Phil could get her to do one heck of a”Whoooa horse!” She’s still no black beauty, but at least she has good brakes. From of a tickle on one set of drivers, to a snakebite on two, it was one very welcome and neccessary improvement.
For the weekend, the order board had two definite (and a third possible) runs in store for us. This quickly changed to three on Saturday and one on Sunday. On Saturday, we began with 2 runs for a local Cub Scout troop and the Atascadero High School reunion held at Estrada Gardens. We then took a break until around 4:30, when we backed down to Vineyard Station for a wedding reception. For a surprise to the bridegroom, the train was a definite hit, and we lit up the gauge lights for a second night run! The crew for most of the day was Brad as conductor, Patti as car attendant, Jim running, and Phil firing, with Dennis later taking over as conductor and myself as fireman. Jarret was also there and going between jobs. Then on Sunday, we made another 2-3 runs which were included in a train ride/BBQ package which Rob Rossi had donated to a charity auction. The same gang turned out from Saturday, plus Harry and Karl. Jim and the Vulcan got some good morning camera time with visitors from the Carolwood Pacific Historical Society, who stuck around and paced some of the afternoon runs. CPHS members will be having their own event at the Ranch in November.

Now if Phil could only make a firedoor rotisserie…

As a tasty end to the busy weekend, we were all treated to a scrumptious impromptu BBQ put on by Patti, Mary, and Karell, with the help of one of the famous Phil Reader firepit grills. Patti’s offer to host it at her place quickly turned to running home to grab some tri-tip – which turned to getting beans and even more tri-tip to BBQ at the Ranch – which brought Harry to call and invite Mary, who finished off the smorgasboard with turkey burgers, salad, bread, and the most amazing chunky oatmeal raisin cookies I’ve ever tasted. (Whew! You still with me?) Seriously, these cookies were out of this world. Thanks, guys!

A well-fed crew!

In all, a good weekend of railroading…with a very tasty ending!

-Ed Kelley


~ by pcrailroad on September 23, 2007.

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