Final Update for Car 104 Project

I thought I would send in one last update for the first car project even though we have shipped it to you already. Thanks for the Hillcrest plugs in your blog. The car was a good project and was fun to work on something with historical significance. We’ve got alot of notes for the next cars and suggestions that will hopefully streamline the process and hopefully save costs.

Car new porch ceilings are being painted in the left photo. The rest of the roof restoration is complete. The car chassis in the foreground is a new Hillcrest Shops 3 foot gauge assembly for another customers bobber caboose conversion. The trucks are manufactured here. The center picture shows the trucks being installed back under the Retlaw #104 car. To make getting the car into the south shop easier, we removed it from it’s trucks and put it onto custom dolly rollers. Note the forklifts tires as it lifts the end of the car. The bottom photo shows Dave under the car checking king pin alignment.

Top is the second car truck being aligned by brute force by John and Penguino. Bottom is the car being loaded onto the semi truck trailer for shipping to Santa Margarita Ranch. Most of the comments we get are “when are you going to restore the car?” The roof restoration was all that was contracted for, so if you look from the red rain rail up that’s what’s new.

That’s all for now. Thanks for the work!

Hillcrest Shops


~ by pcrailroad on April 25, 2007.

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