Coach 104 Update

Top is the car after the rain rail has been painted. The top masking was removed and the roof prepared for the canvas. Bottom is of the roof canvas being rolled onto the clerstory roof. Notices there are no windows yet in the clerstory.

Top photo shows the initial stretch complete. The roof is stretch length wise in the center only to allow for the subsequent shaping required for the compound curves on the ends of the clerstory. The bottom photo shows the North side of the car crew finishing their last staple. The Clerstory roof is ready for trimming and doping.

The red sticks are the window moldings after being sanded and repaired they are painted with two coats of new mold inhibitive primer and two coats of red paint. The bottom shows a window being installed. New windows are made of safety glass and we etch them with a custom design before installation. Notice the main roof cloth (below Rich’s elbow) and the clerstory molding has been applied.

Top picture shows Mike stapling the main roof cloth in place. The canvas has already been stretched and fastened to the ends of the roof. After fastening along the clerstory, the material is side ways stretched and fastened above the cabin windows. Although it looks straight forward, the main roof is also a compound curve and must be carefully pulled to insure straightness and to avoid wrinkles. Notice the pigment has been applied to the main roof cloth. The bottom photo shows the look of the new windows from the inside of the car. Water damage to the finish of the wood is from the previous leaking roof. The original windows were actually fiberglass panels. Fiberglass over time will expose its fibers through it’s own gel coat and the original windows were all well into that deterioration.

Top is the crew admiring the look of the new windows from the interior, notice the masking is still over the outside of the main windows. The bottom shows the roof complete with the windows and all molding restored and back in place. Notice also the plastic and paper masking material is now removed. Extreme caution had to be used in the removal of the painters masking tape (blue) because even though it is a weaker adhesive than regular masking tape it was lifting the green paint from the letter board. The crew used heat guns to remove the tape without further damage to the deteriorating paint.

Top picture shows the new porch ceiling installed on one end of the car awaiting paint. The bottom shows the car from a different perspective. Tyler is cleaning up the trim paint and window caulking. Notice the new trucks under the car? We figured they would quiet the ride around the railroad. Actually these custom made dollies provide a more flexible way to move the car in the shop. It has been a real interesting project, this car has challenged us to be more efficient while working on high, long vehicles. The roof restoration is now complete (final coat excepted) and is a beautiful sealed new roof.

Hillcrest Shops


~ by pcrailroad on April 1, 2007.

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