March, 2007

This past week, we dragged the Vulcan back and forth with the Plymouth trying to figure out the issues with timing. On Thursday, we dug a pit on Horsehead Spur so we could drop the eccentrics. After burning the daylight, we began again on Friday. As it would not adjust properly, I dropped the #2 eccentric and strap, took it to the shop and machined it. Tried dialing in the valves on both sides of the engine after reinstalling and lit the engine off. Built up steam and took it for a run. Did some minor adjustments and it’s now back to where it was prior to jumping time in October!

Also installed a new pressure gauge in the Harpur. Also did some new plumbing on both the Harpur and Vulcan. The Vulcan now has my modified Chinese 5-chime on it. Sounds alright…not shrill like the regular Chinese whistles.

This is the pits! Phil making the best of his given facilities to tinker with the eccentrics on No. 2. The joys of inside valve gear…

Rob is having a name board similar to the Vulcan’s “Roger Linn” made up for the Harpur. “Caroline” is the name and Pierre, the artist, was out measuring it up.



~ by pcrailroad on March 23, 2007.

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