“Retlaw One” Restoration Update

The following update and photos are provided courtesy of Sean Bautista, proprietor of Hillcrest Shops in Reedley, who is the contractor currently working on the roofs of our ex-Disneyland Railroad “Retlaw One” coaches. Sean and crew were responsible for the restoration of Ollie Johnston’s 1901 Porter 0-4-0 “Marie E.” and trainset for John Lasseter, and have constructed numerous pieces of 15″ gauge rolling stock for various clients and their own Hillcrest & Wahtoke Railroad.

Clerestory end plywood being removed. Old wood was 3 layers thick all nailed individually. Notice the new plywood on the main roof on the right picture. The structure demanded that we not remove all wood at once, so the main roof was removed and replaced before the clerestory was worked on. The clerestory roof was mostly OK, the main problem was with the nails used to hold the old wood on. Bad wood was found on both ends and in a 4 foot section of the middle of the roof, so these had to be replaced.

Wood, nails and glue are finally removed, exposing the structural frame members. New plywood is installed, screwed, nailed and glued to hold the compound curve in the right shape. Filler is yet to be applied. Old Disney craftsmen markings are still easily recognizable on the structural frame members inside the roof.

New wood meets old wood in the left picture of the clerestory roof. The old wood was loose and the old rusted nails were no longer holding the wood in place. We renailed and screwed the old wood down then resealed all the joints and nail heads. The screws protruding through the wood in the left photo are holding the second layer of laminate from the underneath while the glue sets up. Later they are cut short and covered with caulking. The right picture shows the roof all finished with the new clerestory ends and center patch installed and the main roof with its new plywood is in place also… Isn’t it pretty?

Currently we have stripped all the old paint (4 layers) from all of the clerestory and are resealing all the joints. The molding has also been stripped, sanded and sorted. Hopefully tomorrow the primer will go on the wood and we should be repainting the clerestory by Friday. The new fabric roof material will go on after all other wood parts are painted.

Hillcrest Shops


~ by pcrailroad on March 2, 2007.

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