Hollywood Magic at the Ranch: Fun Facts About Our “Star” Lokie

Folks always ask me about our #2 – “Did it really come from the Denver & Rio Grande?” The answer is, of course, no. Although faded, the “Roger Linn” still carries her Hollywood make-up from Dr. Quinn (which was set in 1880s Colorado Springs) and still has the fake D&RG builder’s plates. An interesting thing about these plates is that they are cast bronze and well made. Someday it would be nice to have true Vulcan builder’s plates made for her.

When the #2 first arrived at the ranch it still had a camera mount screwed to the fireman’s side of the cab. It also had a beat-up, non-functioning old air gauge mounted in the cab and a pet cock on the blower line just to let steam escape for filming. It also still had on it the fake wood-burning stack and some fire wood mounted on a pallet sitting on the tender.

-Phil Reader

Dr. Quinn set photos courtesy Don Bitz


~ by pcrailroad on January 23, 2007.

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