August, 2006 Update

On Friday, Aug. 11th, the former Astroworld Harpur #1 was fired up to test some recent changes and repairs made. CMO Phil Reader has been hard at work cleaning up this locomotive. It now sports a pilot deck, valve covers, new spot plate, curved steam delivery pipes to the injectors, relocated brake gauges, and soon, a new rear coupler pocket. With the engine fired up and running, we decided to pull out the Cuscatlan, the private car from the International Railways of Central America, along with a 6600 series D&RGW flatcar. We ran until is was “dark 30!” And on Monday, August 14th, this recently completed Fairmont Speeder came by with owner/builder Steve Easlon (a former Disneyland Railroad “firer”). He ran over 25 miles on our little railroad. Hey, its for sale if anyone is interested.


Harpur pulls the "Cuscatlan" on its first complete trip around the P.C.R.R.

New backhead plumbing. Phil had to replace it all as the fiberglass insulation used in Houston trapped moisture and caused severe corrosion.

Fearless Phil Reader tying down the brakes on three D&RGW Boxcars during a lengthy switching process to gain access to the flat and coach

Steve Easlon’s speeder passing Estrada Adobe (Ranch House).


~ by pcrailroad on August 26, 2006.

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